We are a dedicated team of journalists committed to reporting South Africa news as it happens. Our vision is to be South Africa’s leading online publication delivering the news without fear or favour.

Below Are members of the team who make it all happen.

Adrian Lee.

Adrian is a Veteran Blogger and Journalist with over 10 years in the industry. He is the co-founder of  Zoom South Africa. Adrian loves reading, travelling and tech


Lemuel is a seasoned blogger and photojournalist. He has vast experience in reporting and writing stories for print, web, and mobile audiences.


Cheryl is a seasoned writer with a passion for travel and entertainment, She will go to all lengths to capture the story and never hesitant to put herself on the firing line.


Andrew Zulu is a writer, visual artist with an inclination to digital photography and an aspiring tv presenter. Prides himself on the idea of being an artist, because of an unconventional approach to anything