Actress Florence Masebe Rejects An Ambitious Ben10 Making Advances On Her

It seems the popular phrase, age is nothing but a number, which older woman – cougars as they are affectionately known – use as an excuse to date younger guys does not apply to veteran actress Florence Masebe.

A bold Ben 10 who made advances at the multi-award-winning actress on Twitter learned this the hard way.

Twitter user, @AgapeMutwa was left with an egg on his face after Masebe put him in his right place. The ambitious young man addressed Masebe as gorgeous to which the latter told the fella to address her respectfully.

She told the user to address her as Makhadzi – a Venda title for elderly women which is also used for respectable or influential women.


The conversation was triggered after Masebe posted beautiful pictures of herself on the microblogging platform. @AgapeMutwa then asked what she thinks about Ben 10s, a message he quickly followed up with the one that got him rejected.

In memes, below are some reactions to the rejection.


Looking back, Masebe is a living miracle. Back in 1999, the actress was shot 40 times in an experience that still haunts her.

Last year, she took to social media looking back at the events of that fateful day writing;

There will come a time when I no longer remember what happened to me on this day in 1999. The scars are a beautiful reminder of what did not happen. I did not die. I am here. In a song for Amadou Diallo, @wyclef asks “Have you ever been shot 41 times?” My answer is Yes, SIR! And I did not die. I still play this song a lot🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 It’s been 21 years. In a few days my daughter turns 25. She saw me in a pool of my own blood in our driveway on August 18th 1999. No 4 year old should see that. My victory song is louder every year.



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Actress Florence Masebe Rejects An Ambitious Ben10 Making Advances On Her

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