Anele Tembe’s ‘Spirit’ Communicates Shocking Details from Beyond the Grave

In a chilling revelation, psychic Kandis Starr claims to have communicated with Anele Tembe’s spirit.

The psychic session shed light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding her tragic fall from a Cape Town hotel balcony in 2021.

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Chilling Spirit Box Session Unveils Disturbing Insights”

American psychic Kandis Starr’s recently posted video showcases a spirit box session where she allegedly communicates with Anele Tembe’s spirit.

Anele Tembe's 'Spirit' Communicates Shocking Details from Beyond the Grave
Anele Tembe’s ‘Spirit’ Communicates Shocking Details from Beyond the Grave (Image Credit: The Citizen)

The shocking spirit box session revealed shocking details, including references to her tumultuous relationship with rapper AKA, moments leading up to her death, and unsettling insights into the aftermath.

Cryptic Confessions: Anele’s Spirit Unveils Emotional Turmoil

During the psychic session, the voice, believed to be Anele’s, spoke of the emotional toll, mentioning the “high of love,” a painful night, and the decision to end it.

The cryptic statements hint at a tumultuous relationship, adding a layer of complexity to the unresolved tragedy.

The high of love”

“That night hurt”

“End it…I was ending it,” the voice revealed.

Dark Revelations: Allegations of Violence and Fatal Consequences”

The spirit’s words point to disturbing moments, mentioning fights with a boyfriend, a reference to being thrown or going over the balcony, and a chilling sequence involving a blocked door. The mention of “murder” and a decision to end one’s life adds a darker dimension to the narrative.

“I found out, mistake.”


“Throw/over the balcony.”

“Door is blocked”

“He’s in the room….murder…now I kill myself.”


AKA’s Name Surfaces: Love’s End and Denial of Responsibility”

In the session, the voice attributed to Anele speaks of the end of love, specifically mentioning “Kiernan.” Denials of responsibility and an assertion of innocence further intensify the mystery surrounding Anele’s tragic death.

“The love ends…Kiernan” “I didn’t do it…deny it”


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