AKA's Killers R800kAKA's Killers Paid R800k To Track Him from The Airport Till They Shot Him [Image: Times of Eswatini/Facebook]

AKA’s killers were paid R800k to track him from the airport right till they shot him dead last year, documents presented in an Eswatini court revealed.


AKA’s Killers Paid R800k To Eliminate Him

Two brothers, Siyabonga Gezani Ndimande (28) and Malusi Dave Ndimande (29) were arrested in Eswatini, charged with a cocktail of charges, including the murder of AKA. They are now remanded in custody, as Eswatini authorities wait for an application for their extradition to South Africa.

The rapper, born Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, and his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, were shot dead in front of WISH Restaurant in Durban on 10 February 2023. AKA had gone there to perform at HUGO, and he was eliminated as he was about to head there.

The Times of Eswatini revealed that the people involved in the elaborate plan to murder AKA received R800k. The Ndimande brothers who carried out the hit got R133k.

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The Sequence Of Events

In the application for provisional arrest, Elaine Harrison, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) at the KwaZulu-Natal Division of the High Court said AKA, his manager, DJ, bodyguard and photographer touched down at King Shaka International Airport in Durban. As they drove to their hotel, a grey BMW trailed them.

While at Hilton Hotel, a grey Polo, later identified as having been used by the suspects, passed the hotel. Cellphone records revealed that the Ndimande brothers were close to the hotel.

At around 5.30 PM, AKA and his team left for WISH Restaurant where he got a haircut and later had dinner. Later, Tibz, AKA’s former manager, joined them. All this while, a “spotter” was inside the restaurant, observing AKA and communicating with the hit team.


The Gruesome Murder of AKA

AKA's Killers R800k
AKA’s Killers Paid R800k To Track Him from The Airport Till They Shot Him [Image: CCTV]


The grey Polo also followed AKA to WISH Restaurant and the person who disembarked was one Lindokuhle Ndimande. Harrison revealed that later, a white Mercedes-Benz C200 passed the restaurant and parked some 100m away.

At 10.10 pm, AKA and his entourage left the restaurant with Tibz. The two friends hugged on the pavement in front of the restaurant. One of the Ndimande brothers crossed the road and approached AKA from behind before fatally planting bullets into his head. His brother had stood between AKA’s car and the Polo and fired shots, which killed Tibz.

The brothers ran from the scene towards the white Mercedes-Benz before jumping in and the car left at a high speed.

The car was later used for another murder and attempted murder before it was dumped at the Cato Crest informal settlement, after attempts to set it alight.

AKA’s killers later fled to Eswatini and rented a flat in Mbabane.

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