AKA's Mom Releases Rare Footage Of Kairo Rehearsing With Her Late DadAKA and Kairo Rehearsing [Image: Video snippet/Lynn Forbes]

In a heartwarming and emotionally charged moment, South African rapper AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, recently shared a rare and touching video with the world. This video features her granddaughter, Kairo, rehearsing the lyrics to one of her father’s hit songs, “Don’t Forget To Pray.” The late artist, whose real name was Kiernan Jarryd Forbes but was widely known as AKA, was a celebrated figure in the South African music industry. He passed away in April 2021, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire his fans and the entire music community. The song “Don’t Forget To Pray Ewe” was one of AKA’s emotional hits, featuring Anatii, and it holds a special place in the hearts of his fans.

The video, shared by Lynn Forbes on her social media platforms, offers a touching glimpse into the family life of the Forbes family. Kairo and AKA can be seen in the presence of a live band in a studio, holding microphones. In the background, a live band plays instruments while AKA led the song, which Kairo diligently follows. Her voice, filled with innocence and potential, rings out, singing the lyrics that her father once belted out to the world.

Watch the video below:

Social Media Reactions

The release of this video has been met with an overwhelming response on social media, particularly Twitter. Fans and celebrities alike took to the platform to express their emotions and share their thoughts about the touching moment.

@MusicLover123 tweeted, “This video of Kairo singing ‘Don’t Forget To Pray Ewe’ just hit me right in the feels. AKA’s legacy lives on in his daughter, and it’s beautiful to see.”

@MzansiSuperFan shared, “I couldn’t hold back the tears when I watched Kairo singing her father’s song. What a special moment. AKA would be so proud.”

@HipHopRSA posted, “AKA’s music had a profound impact on the South African hip-hop scene, and this video is a reminder of the incredible talent he brought to the industry.”

@RemembranceFan commented, “This just shows how music is a bridge between generations. Kairo is keeping her dad’s legacy alive, and it’s incredibly moving.”

“Don’t Forget To Pray” is a song that stands out in AKA’s discography not only for its musicality but also for its emotional depth. The lyrics are a heartfelt reflection on life’s challenges and the importance of staying true to oneself. The song features Anatii, and their collaboration created a memorable track that resonated with fans around the world. It was released in 2017 and quickly became a fan favourite for its evocative lyrics and infectious melody.

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