Cassper NyovestCassper Nyovest (Image Credit:Twitter @SadWizardFan)

American Twitter Pokes Fun At Cassper Nyovest’s Meme Attempt

After a failed attempt to create and participate in a meme trend, South African rapper Cassper Nyovest has become the subject of ridicule on Twitter.

The artist behind the popular track “Doc Shebeleza” was roasted by American Twitter users for his unsuccessful meme.

Cassper Nyovest’s meme attempt did not sit well with some social media users, who deemed it cringe-worthy and unbecoming of someone his age.

Check out the meme that has got social media talking;

In response to Cassper Nyovest’s attempt to make himself a meme, American Twitter users flooded his comment section with mockery and ridicule.

The trolling became so intense that the South African rapper resorted to blocking some of the users who were poking fun at him.

Check out some of the reactions;

ain’t no one using this shit 😭😭he thought this was the one


old heads be doing anything


Like it’s just too forced for me


It’s 2023 and niggas still tryna make themselves memes 😭

Despite Cassper Nyovest’s Twitter debacle with American users, South Africans did not intervene or defend him. Instead, they watched as he became the target of ridicule on the platform.

It appears that some Twitter users were pleased to see Cassper Nyovest getting roasted. These people disowned him and even encouraged American users to continue trolling him until he deactivated his account.

The sentiment from these tweeps suggests that they were not fans of the artist and were perhaps even enjoying his misfortune.


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this embarrassment went international….


So Cassper is just an ordinary guy to Americans lol


Cook him as much as you can, actually burn him🤣🤣


On behalf of all South Africans we don’t know this man, we would like to distance ourselves from such nonsense. Plus we as South Africans rightfully grant y’all the permission to cook him until he deactivates his account.

By jdt