ANC Supporters Protest DAANC Supporters Protest Against A Coalition With The DA [Image: X]

African National Congress (ANC) supporters are currently protesting in Johannesburg against a possible coalition with the DA.


The Post-Election Headache

After last week’s election, the ANC lost its majority by a staggering 17 percentage points, settling for 40.2%. This meant the revolutionary party has to join hands with other parties to be able to govern for the next five years.

Yesterday, ANC spokesperson Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri acknowledged that they have engaged representatives of five other parties for talks over a coalition or other agreement to form a government. Nothing has been agreed as of yet.

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The ANC initiated negotiations with the DA, IFP, EFF, NFP and the PA led by Gayton McKenzie. Bhengu-Motsiri revealed that they had made overtures to the MK Party, but the Zuma-led party blueticked them.

Some have been touting an ANC and DA coalition. However, some ANC hardliners in the party’s structures are reportedly against this. Some supporters are voicing their concerns.


ANC Supporters Protest Against A Coalition With The DA

ANC Supporters Protest DA
ANC Supporters Protest Against A Coalition With The DA [Image: X]


Disgruntled supporters have taken to the streets of Johannesburg to protest, discouraging the ANC from coalescing with the DA.

The picketers are singing and dancing, holding posters written, “The DA Does Not Support The NHI,” “The DA Wants To Scrap Affirmative Action”, and another inscribed, “Not In Our Names.”



One of the protest organisers, Esethu Hasane, started the #NotWithDA campaign on X, tweeting, “Rha!DA Sies,” “Don’t Bed With Genocide Supporters,” and “Not in Our Name”.

He told News24:

“Any coalition that has the DA is going to embolden the racist white company owner in South Africa to resist employment equity, minimum wage and the protection of workers because they know that at a national level, they know that they have someone who has their racist back, basically. I am not going to sit alongside my friends and try to convince them that the ANC is an alternative if it is with the DA. I cannot justify Helen Zille and John Steenhuisen in the DA.”


Social Media Users Unconvinced By The ANC Supporters’ Protest Against A DA Coalition

Social media users had mixed sentiments about the demo.


“Working with the DA will never be in the interest of the black majority.”


“In disguise, they are protesting against Cyril Ramaphosa🤣🤣”


“They just wasting their time.”


“ANC is a joke 🚮🚮🚮🚮🤣


“Ramaphosa’s resignation would solve all this…im pretty sure he’s considering it too… seems like his presence puts ANC in a tight spot. He resigns, and they speak to MK….They can even add EFF to strengthen their hold…”


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