Anele Tembe’s Father Hires Private Investigators To Look Into Daughter’s Toxic Relationship With AKA

Anele Tembe's Father Hires Private Investigators To Look Into Daughter's Toxic Relationship With AKA
Anele Tembe’s Father Hires Private Investigators To Look Into Daughter’s Toxic Relationship With AKA

It is now public knowledge that AKA and Nellie’s relationship was not ‘all that’ as they sold to the media.

Big mouthers have dropped bombshells of how toxic their relationship was, and now, Anele’s father wants to know if that is what led to her daughter’s death.

It has been revealed that he hired private investigators since police investigations weren’t giving him the information he needed.

Moses Tembe shocked many during her daughter’s funeral service speech. He disputed claims that her daughter had committed suicide due to depression or mental illness. He insinuated that her daughter could have been using drugs and at the same time seemed to be blaming his son-in-law AKA.

Zalebs claims through its inside source that AKA was infuriated upon hearing news that his father-in-law sent out private investigators against him.

He allegedly asked for Anele’s expensive Rolex watch back from her family.

She had bought matchy diamond watches for himself and her fiancé.


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It has also been revealed that AKA and Anele had a nasty fight the day she died.

The fight ensued when AKA came from the gig. He had bruises from the fight and had to call Anele’s cousin with a video call for him to intervene.

When he left for the toilet, Anele cut the call with her cousin and jumped from the 10th floor of Pepperclub Hotel.

In related news, John Cena hitmaker, Sho Majozi has been muddled in AKA and Nellie’s toxic relationship fights.

It is alleged that Nellie once called Sho Majozi threatening her for talking to her hubby in the middle of the night.

The overprotective Nellie thought the Limpopo-born star was taking her man from her.

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