Another Katlego Cheating Scandal Pops

Katlego Maboe Contempt Of Court

Another Katlego Cheating Scandal Pops

Recent reports by You and Huisgenoot Magazines say there’s a fresh clip which suggests that former OUTsurance ambassador Katlegoe Maboe also cheated on his estranged wife Monique Muller with a Lay’s Chips competition winner when he was a Lay’s Chips ambassador.

If this report is anything to go by, Katlegoe Maboe’s career is hanging by a thread.

From the looks of things, it appears the charming and outgoing SABC3’s Expresso presenter is not that fine, decent gentleman he portrays himself to be on TV.

Maboe allegedly kissed a Lay’s Chips competition winner in Ukraine and had hotel sex with her afterwards.

This is reported to have taken place when Maboe travelled to Kyiv, Ukraine to watch a soccer match the same time he was a brand ambassador for Lay’s Chips.

In a follow-up video which was obtained by YOU and Huisgenoot magazines, Maboe tells Monique that: “My shameful behaviour is caused by the fact that I thought that being on TV enabled me to engage in this type of behaviour. I am ashamed and feel terrible about it all.”

Maboe further says in the video: “When I’m on people’s TV screens I am forced to smile and look cheerful because it’s my work, but when I’m off-camera, I don’t have to keep up a happy and friendly persona.”

Another Katlego Cheating Scandal Pops
Another Katlego Cheating Scandal Pops

Meanwhile, Outsurance has now edited all their adverts with Maboe and has cut him out, only showing testimonials of customers without Katlego interviewing them.

Maboe is still suspended from SABC 3’s pending an investigation. Expresso publicist El Broide said in a statement “we condemn any acts of violence and mistreatment, especially against women and children, and therefore take such allegations very seriously. Until such time as the matter has been fully investigated, and pending the outcome, Katlego Maboe will not be appearing on Expresso”.

YouTuber; GoBinge has not yet published the sit-down interview with Monique Muller in which she talks about how Katlego Maboe had allegedly physically attacked her.

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