Big Brother Titans winner Khosi TwalaKhosi Twala-Image Source(Twitter)

Big Brother Titans Winner Khosi Twala Receives Another R100k From Twitter Fans

Khosi Twala, the winner of Big Brother Titans, has had a fantastic week after receiving another R100K from Twitter fans. This follows a previous incident where random fans gifted her with winning cash out of nowhere. Since winning Big Brother Titans, Khosi’s life has been a dream come true, and money seems to be flowing her way constantly.

Khosi Twala’s Life After Winning Big Brother Titans

Khosi Twala
Khosi Twala-Image Source(Instagram)

While Khosi knew winning Big Brother Titans would earn her a lot of money, it has exceeded her expectations. As a result, the beautiful model has been living a life that is worth living. She is only 25 years old, but money seems to find its way to her constantly. It is no longer a surprise that if she walks down the street, she returns with some cash. Her winning the show has been a blessing, and she is enjoying every moment of it.

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Khosi Twala Receives R100K From Her 11 Twitter Friends

After Khosi Twala pocketed $100k as the winner of Big Brother Titans, many fans started following her, which meant more money was coming her way. Recently, Khosi was blessed with R100K from her 11 Twitter friends. She expressed her amazement and disbelief at what was happening, calling it a long dream that she did not want to end.

Khosi Twala receives money from fans
Khosi Twala-Image Source(Instagram)

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Khosi Twala’s Fans Congratulate Her on Social Media

Khosi Twala’s winning of Big Brother Titans has earned her a lot of love from her fans all over the world. Her Twitter post announcing the R100K gift received many beautiful comments from her fans, congratulating her on her success. They shared their love for her and the fact that she deserved every good thing that came her way. Her reign as the winner of Big Brother Titans continues to inspire her fans.

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