Nota: Black Coffee Paid Cops To Assault Him

Black Coffee Paid Cops To Assault Nota
Black Coffee And Nota

Controversial music executive Nota has accused Black Coffee of paying cops to sue and assault him.

It seems the feud between the two giant musical personalities is far from over.

This started a few weeks ago when Nota accused Black Coffee of being a wife-beater and for being a rape apologist on his Instagram page.

Black Coffee didn’t take this lightly as he, through his lawyers, on the 31st of March demanded Nota to take down his post and apologize.

But trouble started when Nota got busted by the police on his way home the very same day he was handed the demands.

Police followed him to his residential complex and accused him of overspeeding, reckless and negligent driving.

Nota says the police were sent after him by Black Coffee.

In his apology letter to Black Coffee, Nota sarcastically claimed that Black Coffee paid the cops who assaulted him. He then opened a counter-charge against the police for handcuffing him so tight that he got injured and for banging his head against holding cell walls.

On Thursday morning, Black Coffee rejected Nota’s apology and demanded again through his lawyers that Nota write another public apology “without sarcasm” before the end of the day, 8 April.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Nota said he will comply with all demands set to him because he is now living in fear of the “dirty cops” and Black Coffee’s angry fans who might harm him.

“I’ve apologised to him unconditionally because I fear he might send people to mete out violence against me, or his fans might harm me,” he said.

Nota’s reckless driving case was dismissed by the Randburg Magistrate Court.

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