Cassper Vs AKA Fight Was A Hoax

Cassper Vs AKA Fight A Hoax

Cassper Vs AKA Fight Was A Hoax

Cassper Nyovest seems to have thrown in the towel on his much-anticipated fight with rival AKA.

He revealed in a tweet that his fight with AKA was never a thing.

It has been more than 2 years the SA rap megastars, Cassper Nyovest and AKA kept on promising their fans a boxing match to significantly squash their beef.

The two have been going back and forth over the years with insults, name-calling and throwing subs at each other – as a build-up to their match.

A few weeks ago reports said the match was finally getting a positive turn after AKA signed their boxing contract and shared proof on Twitter.

But fans had had enough of the two.

Many wanted them to get over their long and boring beef, while some were ecstatic that the two rappers were finally going to settle an old score.

Taking to Twitter last night, Cassper said it had got to him too how boring the whole this was becoming. He had to end it.

Hopefully, he also meant this was to end their boring beef too.

 “Enough about the fight, I know it’s boring now. I got a dope project I’m working on. A first of its kind. Might be ready 1st quarter of the year. Another step into the direction of becoming South Africa’s first Hip Hop Billionaire. We thinking outside the box. Super excited!!!” Cassper said.

He said he made the decision because he wasn’t to focus on becoming South Africa’s first Hip Hop Billionaire instead.

When quizzed about chickening out of the match, Cassper gave his reason why he was pulling out.

“To be honest, that fight probably won’t happen. Too many cooks, lies, stunts, egos. At some point, I thought we would come to an agreement but i don’t see it happening anymore & I’m bored of going back and forth. I signed last year and signed again this week and dololo so ANDIZI!,” he said.

Cassper Vs AKA Fight A Hoax


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