Cindy Makhathini Tlof UnderageCindy Makhathini (Images: Cindy Makhathini/Instagram)

Cindy Makhathini Opens Up About Having Tlof Tlof With Underage TikToker Teddy

Popular socialite Cindy Makhathini has responded to claims that she had tlof tlof with an underage boy.

The socialite, admired for her curvaceous, became the target of online criticism when rumours spread that she had relations with a teenage TikToker.

The damaging accusations gained traction after explicit pictures of Cindy Makhathini and the young man, identified as Teddy, surfaced on various social media platforms. In these images, Cindy Makhathini, who is scantily clad, is seen lying on her stomach on a bed, while Teddy lies beside her, capturing selfies.

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Addressing the Allegations: Cindy Makhathini Opens Up About Having Tlof Tlof With Underage Boy

Cindy Makhathini Teddy
Cindy Makhathini with Teddy (Image: )

Taking to her Instagram stories on Wednesday, Cindy Makhathini openly acknowledged she had tlof tlof with Teddy. She expressed her frustration at people acting as if they had uncovered a deep, dark secret, emphasizing that their relationship was never clandestine.

“Yes I had a thing with Teddy and it was never a secret, so stop making it look like you guys dug that and it was the deepest secret. Everyone that knows me, know about me and Teddy, we used to even post each other on TikTok, it was never a secret. You guys clearly ran out of things to talk about hey!,” she wrote.

Regarding the allegations of engaging in tlof tlof with an underage boy, Cindy Makhathini pointed at her own age, saying,

“And why the f*ck is everyone acting like I am f8cken 35 year old women nje!!! Ay animeni nina, niyabhoreka yoooh.”

In another Instagram story, an indignant Cindy Makhathini clarified that Teddy was not 15 years old when they had tlof tlof.

“Also Teddy was not 15 years at that time, he was 18 years. This year he is 19 years old. So cut the crap!!!,” she wrote in another Instagram story.

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Challenging Double Standards: Makhathini Calls Out Social Media Users

Cindy Makhathini highlighted the double standards prevalent among social media users, pointing out how they failed to support her when she launched her business.

“Everytime I do well, the Internet never fails to paint me as horrible as possible. I recently opened a business @blaq_baddie_wear why didn’t you guys make me trend like this? Why don’t you guys never keep the same energy kantu vele??,” she questioned.

Cindy Makhathini expressed her frustration at being criticised regardless of whether she dates older or younger people. She concluded her Instagram stories by asking who she should date to avoid becoming a target of gossip.

“You People talk when we date older people, you talk when we date younger people kanti nifunani ngampela?????? Khweshini???,” she concluded her rant on her Instagram stories.

By Tayana