Confirmed| Sarah Langa Finds Love With Duduzile Zuma's Former HusbandLonwabo Sambudla x Sarah Langa (Image: Bayete Capital/@sarahlanga/Instagram)

Confirmed| Sarah Langa Finds Love With Duduzile Zuma’s Former Husband

Renowned blogger Sarah Langa and Lonwabo Sombudla, the former son-in-law of ex-President Jacob Zuma, have officially embarked on a romantic journey together.

Sombudla, who is a businessman, was previously married to Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile, but their marriage ended due to allegations of infidelity.

Speculation about Langa and Sombudla’s romantic involvement has been circulating for some time, and it has now been confirmed that they are indeed a couple.

Despite keeping their relationship under wraps for an entire year, the pair is now going strong and openly acknowledging their connection.

Currently, the couple is in Paris, where they are attending the highly anticipated wedding of Sisa Ngebulana and Ayanda, a prominent businessman and his partner, which has been a topic of much discussion.

The event was a dazzling display of glamour, with power couples coming together for a memorable snapshot.

Sarah Langa
Image Credit: ZiMoja

Leading the pack was social media influencer Sarah Langa, radiantly positioned in front of her partner, Lonwabo Sombudla.

Standing alongside them were prominent figures such as ANC veteran Tony Yengeni and his partner Agnes, as well as Mzwanding Masina and his wife, among other stunning couples.

According to a reliable source who spoke with Zimoja, the couple has been together for nearly a year and their relationship continues to grow stronger with time.

The source reveals that Sarah and Lonwabo have reached a significant milestone in their relationship, as they have introduced each other to their respective circles of friends and family.

Sarah has had the opportunity to meet some of Lonwabo’s close friends and certain members of his family.

Another source, with insights into the situation, highlights that Sarah, renowned for her opulent way of life, revels in the luxuries that accompany her relationship with the dashing Lonwabo.

According to the source, he lavishes her with extravagant gifts such as exquisite jewelry, designer handbags, and indulgent trips to various destinations worldwide.


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