Cyan Boujee Regrets Not Having 'Tlof Tlof' with Dj MaphorisaCyan Boujee Regrets Not Having 'Tlof Tlof' with Dj Maphorisa (Image Credit: Instagram @cyan.boujee24/@djmaphorisa)

Controversial slay queen Cyan Boujee recently took the internet by storm as she confessed her deep regrets about not having tlof tlof with internationally acclaimed DJ Maphorisa.

During a candid interview on Podcast And Chill with MacG, Cyan openly shared her regret regarding a missed s_exual encounter with DJ Maphorisa.

MacG, well known for his no-holds-barred questions, asks Cyan if she regrets giving it to him, and Cyan responds by saying, ‘I regret it shame.'”

MacG says “Yeah neh” before bursting out in laughter

Watch the video below;

Past Connections and Friendship: Cyan Boujee’s Fond Memories with Dj Maphorisa

During the gripping interview, Cyan Boujee reminisced about her past interactions with Dj Maphorisa, describing him as a “chilled guy” with amazing energy.

Cyan Boujee regrets not having tlof tlof with Dj Maphorisa
Cyan Boujee regrets not having tlof tlof with Lawd Phori (Image Credit: Instagram @cyan.boujee24l)

She recounted that Dj Maphorisa had noticed her existence in the entertainment scene, treating her exceptionally well during their interactions. Despite persistent rumours, she affirmed that they were just friends during that time.

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Cyan Boujee Denies Affair with Dj Maphorisa

Meanwhile, there had been speculations that Cyan Boujee and Dj Maphorisa dated, although she denied on Podcast And Chill, saying they were just friends. She also added that she would not mind dating Dj Maphorisa.

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Cyan’s Surprise Confession on The Venting Podcast

During her interview on The Venting Podcast with Gogo Skhotheni, Boujee also clarified that she never dated DJ Maphorisa as peddled by the media. However, she made her interests publicly known by unabashedly stating that she now has a crush on Dj Maphorisa.

Nah, unfortunately, we didn’t date… He liked me- But I like him now. So that’s the plot twist…”

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