Da L.E.S Under Fire For Backing Don Design And Scorpion Siya Amid #JusticeForAKA Campaign 

Rapper Da L.E.S has been criticized for defending Don Design and K. O.’s brother Scorpion Siya, real name Siya Mdluli, amid the #JusticeForAKA campaign.

In response to Twitter users implicating Don Design and Scorpion Siya in AKA’s death, Da L.E.S has defended the duo, as well as AKA’s other close associates

Taking to Twitter, Da L.E.S expressed his view that people should refrain from blaming AKA’s friends for his death and instead leave them alone.

Crazy world we living in. How do y’all really be thinking they took my man’s? What’s the motive? Everyone don’t grieve the same. Please leave them alone they been through a lot. I’m just as angry and also want answers but not in this direction please,” he wrote.

Da L.e.s added that Mzansi should emulate how the Forbes family is handling AKA’s death.

Can we please just take leadership from the Forbes Family. 🙏🏾

Da L.E.S Tweet Ignites Heated Debate On Social Media

The rapper’s tweet has ignited a wave of anger, as Twitter users slammed him for defending AKA’s close friends who were present with him during the shooting incident in Durban.

Critics accused him of trying to prevent the #JusticeForAKA campaign from gaining momentum.

Some social media users pointed out that Da L.E.S only talks about AKA’s death when defending Don Design or Siya, raising doubts about his sincerity in advocating for justice.

They also questioned why AKA’s close friends and associates have remained silent on the issue and not joined the call for justice.

Check out some of the reactions:


Imagine the only time he tweets about the matter is to ask that we leave his “friends” alone but yet another friend died…


Uyanya wena, you call hosting parties grieving, those people are having a time of their lives they are not looking or trying to get answers/ #JusticeforAKA. Leave us alone we will ask and suspect whoever until we get answers. Infact nawe siyakusola nonsense


Ok, Tell Us The Truth If They Are Not The One Who Killed AKA Or You Are Part Of Them?? Naaa Bro Till We Find The Killers We Are Not Stopping This Shit


So they sent you to be their spokesperson vele and you agreed mmhh as for abo “motives” what was Judas motive for selling out Jesus to the rich and connected priest


Everyone don’t grieve the same, but ALL of you are grieving the same, All quite like nothing happened. All not pushing the #JusticeForAKA, just quite boys.

By jdt