Murdah Bongz and Kairo Forbes dancing-Image Source(Instagram)Murdah Bongz and Kairo Forbes dancing-Image Source(Instagram)

Dad Of The Year: Murdah Bongz Shares Cute Dancing Video With Kairo Forbes

DJ Zinhle’s partner, Murdah Bongz, danced with Kairo Forbes and Asante, which helped them bond together. Since AKA’s passing, Murdah has been an excellent stepfather to Kairo, and dancing together has enabled them to stay close.

When Murdah Bongz first married DJ Zinhle, there was said to have been friction between him and AKA. This was after AKA said he wanted to be in Asante’s life because she is Kairo’s sister, and it was only fair because Murdah was in Kairo’s life as well.

Aka Kairo Murdah Bongz
Murdah Bongz with AKA’s daughter Kairo x Murdah Bongz with Dj Zinhle, Kairo and the Forbes family (screen grab from Dj Zinhle Instagram stories@djzinhle)

However, the two had a healthy co-parenting relationship in place by the time AKA passed. They had pictures taken last year at Moozlie’s birthday party and showed love for each other.

Watch the video of Murdah Bongz dancing with Kairo Forbes below:

After AKA died, Murdah praised him for being an excellent father to Kairo and promised to continue being a fatherly figure to her. The two have had some fun times together, and a few weeks ago made headlines when they attended Kairo’s tennis match.

Kairo is still a child and needs a lot of love after her father’s death. Even though AKA is no longer here, she has Murdah as a father figure. They have been creating TikTok videos and dancing, which has helped them bond.

People have been happy to see Murdah dancing with Kairo and Asante. They have called him “Daddy of the Year” for being a good father figure. Asante is a good dancer, and many people have noticed her talent. They had no pre-planned dance moves, and it was all freestyle.

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