DaniLeigh Apologises for ‘Yellow Bone’ Song

The topic of colorism is a continued cause for conversation in the black and brown community. It is of importance for entertainers and public figures to be careful about how they address such issues.

DaniLeigh found herself in the midst of a debate and backlash after releasing her single ‘Yellow Bone’. The 26-year-old singer released the song last week, which many people deemed offensive due to its perceived colorist lyrics. What made it worse her boyfriend DaBaby supported the song by dropping yellow emojis. Many people also assumed that the song was a direct shot at the skin tone of DaBaby’s daughter’s mother MeMe.

The hosts of the Breakfast Club particularly Charlamagne, came to DaniLeigh’s defense. He stated that he didn’t understand why people were reacting to the song. However, DaniLeigh decided to issue an apology via Instagram. She posted a video where she captioned, “Hope u feel me.” She stated that she’s neither colorist nor racist because of the man she’s dating and her friends. 



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She also questioned why she couldn’t celebrate the skin she’s in like so many other women do.

“I think people twisted it like I was trying to bash another woman and her skin tone. I never looked at my skin as a privilege. I see brown skin women flaunt their skin in music all the time. Why can’t I flaunt mine? I’m sorry I wasn’t sensitive to the topic, when I wrote my comment.”

A snippet of the song was released on 21 January. She accompanied the song with visuals which fans called put ‘black fishing’ whilst spotting a blonde wig. She then tweeted, what fans thought was a meaningless apology,

“I’m sorry if I offended u.”

Do you think that DaniLeigh should release the song with all the backlash that she’s receiving?


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