DJ Zinhle

“Did She Go Under The Knife?”: DJ Zinhle’s Latest Photos Leave Fans Guessing

There is speculation about whether or not DJ Zinhle had a b_reast augmentation surgery as she recently appeared with a more pronounced cleavage in an Instagram post.

DJ Zinhle is currently enjoying a much-needed family vacation, where she’s taking a break from her daily routine. However, despite her stylish holiday attire, some Instagram users are questioning her latest look.


Zinhle, along with her husband Murdah Bongz, and her kids Kairo and Asante, are currently spending some quality time together on a bush getaway.

True to form, Zinhle is showcasing her impeccable fashion sense in front of the camera. In her latest post, she can be seen flaunting her style in an orange sports bra and black mini-skirt.

However, some of her followers quickly noticed that her bra size seemed noticeably larger, leading to speculation that the DJ might have undergone a b_reast augmentation surgery.

Below are some of the comments on social media.


How beautiful are the new b_oobs.”


 “A hot set of twins, love it!”


“Those twins are ready for everything!”

In response to the speculation, Zinhle seemed to laugh it off in the comment section. Zinhle replied by saying:

“Pray for yours to grow.”

A few days ago, DJ Zinhle clapped back at people who are forever pressed by her spending time with the Forbes family even after her baby daddy AKA’s death.

She went on Instagram Live and addressed those who speak negatively about her and her relationship with the Forbes family.

“I feel like a lot of people have opinions on situations they have never been in, in their lives. There is a big chance that the person who asked me about AKA has never lost someone that they are raising a child with… ,” she said.

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