Dineo Langa Launches Into Busiswa

Dineo Langa Launches Into Busiswa

Dineo Langa Launches Into Busiswa

Actress Dineo Langa who just bagged a role on SABC3’s upcoming telenovela, The Estate, got into a heated argument with singer-songwriter-dancer, Busiswa.

Langa took to Twitter to call out politicians who don’t wear masks after the Mpumalanga premier, Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane caused an uproar on social media for not putting on her mask at Jackson Mthembu’s funeral.

The premier has since publicly apologized for the incident.

The same way ordinary citizens get into trouble with the law for not wearing their masks during the coronavirus pandemic, Langa said politicians should also be held accountable for not following the rules and regulations of the lockdown,

“Unfortunately for her members of public office will be taken to task when breaking the law. There is a level of irony & reality in that moment. One that says tax payers can get arrested for not wearing a mask but politicians won’t. Everyone must be called out B.”

Then Busiswa added:

“We all know for sure that grief hits us in horrendous & different ways.2bury your famous father within 3 days of learning of his passing, is a trauma of a unique kind. U can’t be a school principal on “she wanted attention “ vibes… Covid is dealing EVERY 1 a sad goodbye.”

The singer misunderstood Langa who was referring to the premier not referring to the late Mthembu’s daughter, Thuli.

Langa clapped back:

“Take the L Sis. You read to respond and not to understand. This wasn’t about Thuli. This was about the Mpumalanga MP who ignored Covid-19 protocols. No-one is policing grief. We are calling out a member of government.”

The SBWL hitmaker then apologized to the former The Queen actor swiftly and this time, there seemed to be no love lost between them.

Dineo Langa Launches Into Busiswa

She apologized for misunderstanding Dineo and offered to buy her a drink when the pandemic is over.

“Nobody needs bad energy right now. Oh yes. I was wrong & I retract. I DEF misunderstood. Nobody needs bad energy right now also. Uxolweni 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 I owe you a shot of something when South Aah is open.

Dineo replied:

“No Sis. You were wrong. You misunderstood. Say that and retract the baseless “principal” that shot from your hip.”

This isn’t the first time Busiswa was trending, a while ago The Black is King dancer and actress had to defend herself from body-shaming after she posted a photoset of herself chilling poolside in a bikini.

Dineo Langa Launches Into Busiswa


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