DJ Lamiez Goes All Out For A Fan On Twitter

In a heartwarming post that has since touched the hearts of many – Dj Lamiez reached out to an unsuspecting fan on the microblogging site Twitter. The surprise started with a tweet by a user known as Bongs Mahlangu reaching out to the DJ saying,

“Kgopela go poster 1 pic bathong…I’m so happy right now am even teary!”

To which DJ Lamiez replied,

Look,I’m gonna need you to post as many pics as possible: Would’ve loved to fetch you myself but I just woke up and have work to prep for. Ke tla le bona mo spacing. Ps. There’s one more surprise today” 

dj lamiez


Much to the fan’s surprise… she along with her son was treated to a luxurious stay at an Airbnb with all the nitty-gritty one could ask for. Check out the photos below!

In another photo posted by the fan, she penned down the sweet caption,

Bare re ma kgowa because we are going to use a shower. He is so happy bathong.I’m going to change our life soon… I trust in God. “

Dj Lamiez has once again shown Mzansi, that she really does have a heart of gold. In another related story, the DJ vented her frustration towards callers who often mistake her to be male, as her voice comes across as deep and masculine. In a separate tweet, Lamiez wrote,

I take so much offence when people call me “sir” on the phone. Now imagine my annoyance after correcting someone,having them call me ma’am only to call me sir again.

It’s definitely the Batman voice. “
It’s almost a non-issue to worry about, isn’t it? Being that she has one of the most recognizable voices in Mzansi!
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