DJ MacG Drags Thando Thabethe

MacG Drags Thando Thabethe

DJ MacG Drags Thando Thabethe

Podcast host and DJ, MacG has slammed actress Thando Thabethe, for calling him out of order after he made homophobic statements during his podcast last month.

On his latest podcast, MacG said the so-called celebs were mute on the DJ Euphonik and DJ Fresh saga, but they were dragging him for his one mistake on Podcast and Chill.

MacG Drags Thando Thabethe

MacG name-dropped Thando Thabethe after she dragged him first, for making a mistake that he regrets.

MacG’s homophobic comments cost him his Old Mutual sponsorship.

At the time, Thando mentioned that she was disgusted by MacG’s comments saying

“Discrimination in the guise of being “raw & unfiltered” wish I could unsee that MacG podcast. Disgusted!”

MacG, who seems to have been bearing a grudge, then found the perfect opportunity to strike back at Thando

What is Thando Thabooty doing? I ran across her podcast numbers the other day. I wish I could unsee that. It’s horrible. Black Friday does better numbers. It shows nobody wants to hear what she is gonna say. Just take your nudes and post them on Instagram, nobody wants to hear what you say. ”.”

“We should have seen this coming. She is a scam” he wrote.

MacG Drags Thando Thabethe
MacG Drags Thando Thabethe

MacG said the treatment he received was unfair, meanwhile, celebrities are silent on DJ Fresh and Euphonik, who are facing ra_pe allegations because they are ‘too big’ to be put on blast.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik are being accused of drugging a group of girls at a party, before proceeding to sexually assault them.

One of the victims spoke out on Twitter detailing the graphic details of the sexual assault and said she wants them to face justice for what they did.

The two DJs denied the allegations but they have since pulled out of public commitments pertaining to their profession, pending investigation.


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