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Sonia Mbele has been a darling of the headlines lately and has found herself the centre of attention once again after tweeps questioned if her bigger-than-usual backside is due to a BBL.

Sonia Mbele video that started BBL rumours

The actress was captured in a trending video on X (formerly known as Twitter). In the video, the actress can be seen dancing in what seems to be a club with a hubbly bubbly close by.

Despite Sonia Mbele’s good dancing moves, X users could not help but question if the actress had a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The actress donned a bigger backside than her fans remember, making them find she joined the many celebrities who have seated their backside over the last couple of years.

Sonia Mbele Recent Illness news

The former Generations actress recently opened up about having a chronic illness and having been going under treatment for it. Mbele opened up that she is suffering from anaemia, which was diagnosed at the time when production of RHOD was underway.

According to the actress, at first, she thought it was fatigue causing her to be sick until she went to the hospital and the doctors ran some tests on her.

Tweeps accuse Sonia Mbele of lying

X users have accused the actress of lying about being ill to recover from her alleged BBL. Some of the comments on X read:

Did she say it’s a chronic disease, and she has constantly had to get treatment. She’s better, but it’s still there? But ke, angazi.

Hai! These BBLs look strange. All of them. They’re not worth their price.

People easily give themselves away, not realising that SARS is one of the most, if not THE most efficient government institution/s.

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