Driver Running Over RobberDriver Impresses Mzansi For Running Over A Robber Trying To Hijack Him [Image: Aramjee/X]

A bold driver is getting praise online for running over a robber attempting to hijack him on the highway.

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Driver Trends For Running Over A Robber Trying To Hijack Him

The driver was driving on a yet-to-be-identified highway in the scorching sun with his dashboard camera active. As he weaved through the smooth tarred road, the driver approached an intersection with non-functioning traffic lights. The lights were flashing on amber, and all cars stopped before proceeding through the junctions.

A youngish man sat close to the traffic lights on the pavement parallel to the road. He was staring intently at the cars approaching the intersection. As the driver slowed down his car approaching the traffic lights, the young man lept to his feet and ran onto the road while also taking out his gun.

The robber ran in front of the car, signalling the driver to stop while pointing his firearm at the driver. The robber took advantage of the fact that the driver was behind a bakkie which came to a halt.


Driver Running Over Robber
Driver Impresses Mzansi For Running Over A Robber Trying To Hijack Him [Image: Aramjee/X]


As the robber pointed his guy at the car, the driver instinctively steered to the left and ran over the daring robber. The car smashed the hijacker by the corner, throwing him out of its path. The driver did not bother stopping, and he drove away.

Watch the dramatic incident below.



Social Media Glee

South Africans on social media are celebrating as a driver runs over the robber trying to hickack him. Check out their comments below.


“I hope the car is okay.”


“We need more fearless guys like this driver and that Tazz driver. These criminals do as they like.”

Poverty Killer:

“This one should be taken straight to Dr Matthew Lani, trust me he’ll fix those broken ribs😂”


“Bad camera work. We need to see ukuthi ilimele or ifile inja lest we celebrate a close shave. Next time camera pliz focus on the real issue😅”


“The community around are enabling this crime because there is no way a person can be so comfortable in committing a crime in this manner in a public busy space.”

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