Emtee And Wife Brawl Over Money And Assets As Divorce Gets Heated

Emtee And Wife Brawl Over Money And Assets As Divorce Gets Heated

Award-winning hip-hop artist Emtee and his estranged wife Nicole Kendal are at each other’s throats again.

Kendal has applied for an urgent court interdict in the Joburg High Court to force Emtee to pay back over R500,000 that he transferred from their trust account, which she believes is an attempt to bankrupt their joint estate ahead of divorce.

Seeking Legal Intervention

Kendal’s court application requests the funds to be returned to the trust account within two days of obtaining the order. Additionally, she seeks an order to prevent Emtee from taking loans against their assets, dissipating their assets, depleting the bank account of Emtee Records or trust account, or selling shares in Africa Trap Movement.

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Kendal also wants the funds in the trust account to remain preserved until the finalization of divorce proceedings at the Randburg magistrate’s court.

The Marriage and Children

In the court papers, Kendal states that they were married in community of property in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, on July 15, 2019. They have two children born on January 29, 2018, and May 4, 2023, respectively.

The couple’s last child was born shortly after Emtee left their matrimonial home due to a domestic violence incident, which resulted in Emtee’s arrest. The case was later withdrawn after Kendal extended an olive branch.

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Mysterious Transfer of Funds

In August 2022, Emtee formed a trust and appointed his friend and lawyer Dumisani Motsamai as a trustee. Kendal received a notification on May 2, 2023, stating that a sum of R599,603.00 was transferred from the trust account to a different account without her knowledge or consent.

Kendal believes that Emtee and Motsamai were the only ones who could have authorized such a significant transaction and suspects it is an act of hiding funds and dissipating assets.

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Concerns and Allegations

Kendal accuses Emtee of attempting to deplete the trust’s assets to prevent her from receiving a fair share in the divorce settlement. She mentions Emtee’s possible ownership of shares and assets in Emtee Records and African Trap Movement, profitable businesses that generate ongoing income.

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On the other hand, Kendal claims to have minimal assets, including a laptop, cellphone, jewellery, and clothing, while the majority of assets belong to the joint estate.

The dispute between Emtee and Kendal continues as they battle over the preservation of trust funds and the equitable division of assets in their impending divorce.


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