Faith Nketsi Husband DefraudedFaith Nketsi x Nzuzo Njilo (Image: The Citizen)

Faith Nketsi Reveals How Her Husband Nzuzo Njilo of Defrauded Her

Reality TV star Faith Nketsi has learned the hard way that a leopard does not change it spots and is now claiming her estranged husband Nzuzo Njilo defrauded her.

Interestingly, Njilo is expected back in court together with his co-accused Kwanda Ntshangase on Wednesday for the commencement of their fraud trial.

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Nzuzo Njilo’s History of Fraud

The duo previously appeared before the Port Shepstone magistrate’s court on October 9 to kick off the trial, but it was postponed to November 8. This delay happened because Njilo’s legal team requested access to a docket before the trial could begin.

Nzuzo Njilo and his accomplice are accused of defrauding a woman of half a million rands in a botched sale. They sold her a truck in 2021 but failed to deliver as promised. Both are facing fraud charges related to this questionable transaction.

In May, Njilo made headlines when police announced he was wanted for defrauding a buyer. Njilo and Ntshangase turned themselves in and were granted bail of R30,000 and R3,000 respectively after being held in police custody.

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Faith Nketsi Unveils How Husband Defrauded Her

Now the gloves are off and Faith Nketsi is spilling the tea regarding her marriage with Nzuzo Njilo after announcing on her reality TV show Have Faith that they were headed for a divorce. She revealed that their problems were so severe that staying would have driven her to a mental hospital, despite having a child with Njilo.

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Public Reaction to Nketsi’s Accusation

Faith Nketsi is claiming that her estranged husband Nzuzo Njilo defrauded her. After news broke out, South Africans on X (formerly Twitter), chimed in and reacted hilariously. A section pointed out that while she married him for the money she had become one of his victims. Another section pointed out that the redflags were always there to see even before they got married. Check out some of the reactions below:


married him for money & she became one of his victims?!😭💀Shits too funny when he was defrauding other people it was all gravy now that he didn’t spare you uyakhala?!


It’s called securing the bag…she just thought she would be the one doing it.🤪


She was going to do it but he beat her too it. So fair in fair in my book.


Singenaphi? Hawu Faith, angithi he also bought you a Range Rover? 🙃


Husband was always a fraud … could she not see tha? It started with range rover and his fake wealth

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