Faith Nketsi new manFaith Nketsi (Image Credit: Instagram @faith.nketsi)

South African reality star Faith Nketsi who has been trending after officially announcing her divorce with Nzuzo Njilo, has dismissed claims that she is in a new relationship.

Faith Nketsi Dismisses Claims She Is in a New Relationship Already

Following Faith Nketsi’s divorce announcement, rumours have swiftly surfaced, suggesting that the reality star is in a new relationship.
An entertainment blog Maphepha Ndaba claimed that Faith Nketsi was in a relationship with Andile Mayisela. The blog additionally asserted that Faith Nketsi is ready to become Andile Mayisela’s second wife, as he is reputedly a married man. Furthermore, they shared his picture.

As the rumours spread like wild fire, Faith Nketsi decided to address the rumours and set the record straight. Taking to her Instagram Stories, Faith Nketsi denied the claims that she is already in a relationship.

She revealed that she currently isn’t dating anyone and is solely focusing on herself, adapting to the new norm while finalizing her divorce.

“Guys come on. I’m not seeing anyone right now. I’m focusing on myself and getting used to the new norm. Please let’s not do this right now,” she wrote.

Faith Nketsi Sets The Record, Dismisses Claims She is in a New Relationship Already
Faith Nketsi Sets The Record, Dismisses Claims She is in a New Relationship Already (Image Credit: Instagram @ faith.nketsi)

The Divorce

Yesterday, Faith Nketsi took to her Instagram account to disclose that she and her estranged husband had decided to part ways after 1 year of marriage.

“It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Nzuzu Njilo and I are in the final stages of our divorce proceedings. No one gets married with the intention to get divorced. However, through careful consideration and mediation, we have decided to go our separate ways. Nzuzo Njilo continues to be an amazing father to our beautiful daughter, whom we are co-parenting,” reads part of the statement.

The reality star revealed that their divorce proceedings with Nzuzo Njilo are already in the final stages.

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