Father of Rapper AKA Claims Son Was "Definitely Assassinated" in Shocking InterviewFather of Rapper AKA Claims Son Was "Definitely Assassinated" in Shocking Interview (Image Credit: Briefly)

Father of Rapper AKA Believes Son Was Assassinated, Police Making Strides in Investigation

As the one-year anniversary of the tragic killings of award-winning rapper Kiernan “AKA” Jarryd Forbes and his close friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane approaches, the father of AKA, Tony Forbes, has come forward with a startling claim.

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The Assassination Claim: Father of Rapper AKA Believes Son was Targeted in a Hit

In an exclusive interview on DJ Hazel Mahazard’s podcast, “Within with Hazel“, Tony Forbes asserted that he firmly believes his son was assassinated and that there were individuals with significant resources behind the crime.

His remarks shed light on a case that has captivated the public’s attention since the shocking incident occurred outside a restaurant in Durban.

Details of the Tragic Incident: A Closer Look at the “Execution-Style” Killings Outside Durban’s Wish Restaurant

AKA and Motsoane were fatally shot in what has been described as an “execution-style” killing on February 10th of the previous year. The incident took place outside Wish restaurant, leaving the South African music industry and fans in mourning.

The crime was captured on CCTV footage that circulated on social media, showing a man wearing a white beanie approaching the victims and firing a single fatal shot at AKA’s head. The shooter then fled the scene. Another individual, believed to be a second shooter, was seen waiting near AKA’s vehicle and fired at the group before escaping with the initial attacker.

Resourceful Perpetrators: AKA’s Father Points to Financial Backing and Planning in the Murder

In the podcast interview, Tony Forbes expressed his conviction that his son’s murder was not a random act but a targeted assassination that required careful planning and ample resources.

“Definitely he was assassinated… It took planning. It required resources. The guy walks around, targets Kiernan and shoots him in the head. How’s that random?

So there were people with money behind it, who funded it. People who had access to resources,” Tony Forbes said.

He alluded to the presence of a second shooter, suggesting that their purpose was to ensure the job was completed. Forbes stated that he had watched the CCTV footage in an attempt to find closure, gaining insight into the tragic event that took his son’s life.

Police Progress and Optimism: Authorities Close to Cracking the Case

While Tony Forbes acknowledged being aware of more information regarding the murder and the ongoing investigation, he refrained from divulging specifics beyond what was publicly known. Nonetheless, he expressed optimism that the police were making significant progress and could be nearing a breakthrough in the case.


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