Five Small Interesting Facts That The World Doesn’t Know About South Africa – ZoomSouthAfrica

1.) South Africa is a Polyglotious country, we have Eleven Official languages, Firstly we have 11 Official languages. That means 11 different south African accents. We have, English (9.6%), Afrikaans (13.5%), Ndebele (2.1%), Sepedi (9.1%), Xhosa (16%), Venda (2.4%), Tswana (8%), Southern Sotho (7.6%), Zulu 22.7%), Swazi or SiSwati (2.5%) and Tsonga (4.5%). The official languages list isn’t exhaustive nevertheless, a lot of other languages from all over the world are spoken here too; including Portuguese, Greek, Italian, French, Chinese, and so on

2.) We like to braai alot. (BBQ). We South Africans braai at least once a week and we never need a reason to light up the fire.  We braai on  Saturdays and Sundays because it’s relaxing, we braai for weeknight dinners even after an evening out. The opportunities for a braai are endless even in windy weather areas like Capetown, the weather never stops us from braai. We don’t only braai  boerewors, steak, chicken, lamb, and often game meat as well as sides include anything from potato bakes to corn on the cob.

3.)We are among the highest consumers of alcohol world-wide.  According to a survey done in 201 , we scooped 6th position globally as a nation of drinkers. Ok I suppose we shouldn’t be too proud of being in  the top ten of the drunkest countries in the world, but apparently the average South African boozer guzzles up 30 litres of pure alcohol per year.

4.) We are friendlier than other nations. In South Africa when you are walking out your dog or jogging, you will greet people in passing and they will greet you back often with wide smiles and cheery faces and smiles. When I travelled to a couple of other countries which I won’t name, I would greet people on the street and I would get a  “bedazzled look”, but no greeting in return. Obviosuly I may be biased, but generally I have noticed that South Africans  are much easier to get along with, warm, friendly and considerate.

6.) We love telling jokes. Under our progressive constitution, In South Africa we enjoy almost unfettered freedom of expression and as such comedy has become a burgeoning sub-culture in South Africa and the numbers of clubs and performers are growing each year as the topics get edgier — from religion to race, war, and even terrorism.