Gardener Boss's Wife MaponaGardener Caught Having Mapona With Boss's Wife In Durban [Image: X]

A gardener found himself in hot soup after he was caught having nasty and dripping mapona with his boss’s wife recently.


Gardener Caught Having Mapona With His Boss’s Wife

The middle-aged woman had an unrivalled penchant for adventure and she decided to do the unexpected. Her husband suspected infidelity but lacked concrete evidence.

One day, the woman, who had been having a secret affair with her gardener, decided to rush home for some fun. She left work hours earlier than her normal knock off time.

She then got home and her gardener, whom she had told beforehand, knew what to expect. His blood was already warmer from anticipation and imagination.

The boss’s lady took the gardener to her bedroom and they got down to some action with reckless abandon.

Little did she know that her secret rendezvous with the garden boy would take an unexpected turn. The garden boy, whose name remains undisclosed, was blissfully unaware of the what would befall then.

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The Dramatic Moment

Gardener Boss's Wife Mapona
Gardener Caught Having Mapona With Boss’s Wife In Durban [Image: X]


As they engaged in tl0f tl0f—the forbidden dance of passion—the lady’s brother-in-law barged in on the two having the time of their lives.

The boss’s younger brother, whom they stayed with, had earlier spoken to the boss, who had asked him to pass a message to the wife, as her phone kept ringing with no response. When the brother got inside the house, he heard funny noises coming from the bedroom.

He was certain this was not his brother and he suspected his sister in law was cheating. To his shock, he discovered the gardener and his sister-in-law entangled in a compromising position.

Their struggle to separate was futile, and embarrassment washed over them as the brother witnessed everything. When they tried to walk away, the brother blocked them and told them to continue with what they were doing. And continuing they did.

Watch the dramatic incident here.

The man then called his brother and informed him he just caught the wife cheating on him with the gardener. When he stormed home, the owner of the house was utterly enraged and he instantly fired his gardener and sent his wife packing.

By Rumpel