Generations’ Samuel Khumalo Gets Dumped By Wife

Generations’ Samuel Khumalo

Generations’ Samuel Khumalo Gets Dumped By Wife

Generations’ Samuel Khumalo
Trouble in paradise…. Old Generations’ Samuel Khumalo Gets Dumped By Wife After Years Of Physical Abuse

Not more than five years ago, the two swore to the papers they had never fought or abused each other in their marriage. They even denied court papers that revealed the pair had applied for protection order against each other.

Now years later, it seems there was indeed fire from that smoke.

The old Generations’ Samuel Khumalo – played by Thabiso Mokhethi – has been served with divorce papers from his wife, Gaaratwe Mokhethi.

Speaking about the divorce, Thabiso revealed that it was indeed his wife who decided to call it quits.

 “What we’re doing is for our kids. We’ll continue to get along and there’s nothing I can do if my wife feels like moving on without me,” he said.

Thabiso, who used to be a fan favourite on the old Generations series, left the show back in 2011 where he played brother to the infamous Ntombi (played by Sonia Mbele) and a partner to Sharon (played by Kagiso Rakosa).

He began his presenting career as Gospel Gold host while doing little screen time as Musa on tv’s Rhythm City.

But in 2013, trouble started on their marriage.

Thabiso had just lost his mother and brother on an accident. He started using drugs and went on a depression.

According to his ex-wife and her grandmother, Thabiso emotionally and physically abused her during that time to an extent that she got a protection order against him.

Their marriage went on a downslope ever since.

Gaaratwe says she tried her best to save their marriage but both have failed to.

Our only priority now is to find a way to co-parent and be the best parents to them. A lot has happened during our marriage and I believe when the things that made you fall in love with someone are no longer there, you leave. We tried our best, but it just didn’t work out, ” she added.


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