Ginimbi’s Family Seeks To Overturn The Unsigned Will

Ginimbi’s Family Overturn Will

Ginimbi’s Family Seeks To Overturn The Unsigned Will

The late businessman and socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s estate is yet to be settled as it has emerged that his family has decided to contest the unsigned will.

The Herald reports that Ginimbi’s family has now hired their lawyers to fight the executor and to try and overturn the will.

It is reported that the Kadungure family is now saying they accepted the unsigned will and the appointment of Patricia Darangwa while not considering the repercussions because of their bereavement.

The family seeks to contest the genuineness of the unsigned will presented by Darangwa.

Darangwa reportedly authored the will and the family now feels she pressed them to accept the will and her appointment although the late Kadungure had not appended his signature to it.

In their letter to Darangwa, the family lawyers said: “We are instructed that before, and in the morning of November 25, 2020, you (Darangwa) unduly influenced the family to accept the ‘will’ and threatened that if the family chose to reject the will and your executorship, they would have tarnished your reputation as a lawyer and you were prepared to sue them and subject the estate to unwanted delays even up to the Supreme Court,” read part of the letter.

Darangwa, through her lawyers Rufu Makoni Legal Practitioners, denied ever influencing the family to accept her executorship of the unsigned will.

According to the unsigned will, accepted by the Master of Court at the end of last year as a valid expression of how Kadungure wanted his estate distributed in the event of his death, the top-of-the-range Lamborgini vehicle was bequeathed to a person called “Kit-Kat”.

However, a man called Nomatter Zinyengere, who was a friend to the late Kadungure, has written to the executor and the family claiming to be “Kit Kat” and demanding the immediate release of the vehicle to him.

The publication also reports that the Kadungure family is reluctant to surrender the Lamborgini vehicle due to the ongoing battle with Darangwa.

On January 14 of this year, Shomwe Nyakuedzwa Attorneys, on behalf of Zinyengere, wrote to the executor seeking the release of the vehicle.

“Our client is keen to have his inheritance released from the residue of the estate and is requesting that same be done through the first interim distribution account, a copy of which we are also requesting to inspect.

“Furthermore, our client is willing to pay the estate liabilities and related costs for his inheritance and to that end may you kindly issue us an invoice for settlement,” reads the letter.

A person believing that they are the beneficiary of an asset in a will have these rights.

An executor’s role is to track down all assets of the estate, give those owed money by the late person the opportunity to claim any debts and find those who owed the late person money or assets to hand those over.

They then implement the desires of the late person as expressed in the will, although the law requires the Master of the High Court to modify these to ensure that those who were supported by the late person continue to be supported by the estate, with a cut off point for children, and that any surviving spouse has a lifetime right to occupy the matrimonial home, or an agreed alternative.

Kadungure died on November 8 last year along Borrowdale Road, when his speeding Rolls Royce collided head-on with a Honda Fit.

His vehicle veered off the road and hit a tree before catching fire.

He was with two foreign friends Limumba Karim and Alisha Adama who had come for the Saturday night birthday party for Michelle “Moana” Amuli.

Ginimbi’s Family Seeks To Overturn The Unsigned Will


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