Gomora: The End Of Bra Mike

Fans of Gomora were quite chuffed with last night’s episode when MamSonto shot Bra Mike as a lot of fans didn’t like him for her.

They’ve always hated the way he was trying to change her and control her because they love Connie Chueme’s badass character; MamSonto.

Because we haven’t seen a gangster-oldie on Television in ages as most of these roles are given to male actors. A more suitable partner for MamSonto would’ve been someone like PapaGee from Isidingo. Papagee would’ve embraced MamSonto’s villainy and even helped her grow the business.

We hope MamSonto has learned her lesson this time around and won’t ever date another goody-too-shoes like Mike because it will only end in tears. 

Why did she get involved with him?

She may have turned evil moons and moons ago, but MamSonto is still struggling to accept her cold heart because she’s also a praying woman. We’ve seen her praying before stealing cars on numerous scenes and fans find her incredibly hilarious because they’ve never come across a character like her before. Usually villains let go of their spiritual or religious ways because they don’t want to get soft. They don’t want to be reminded of God or feel sorry for their victims.

Mike reminded her of her old days. She saw Mike as an opportunity to change herself and live a cleaner life. Deep down MamSonto knows that she can’t hijack cars forever because she’s old and needs to rest. 

Her daughter; Thati proved that she’s not ready to take over the hijacking business because she’s incapable of handling people.

She hasn’t earned the street cred that her mother has yet, hence her mother had to chip in and help her at the last minute. 

Why did she kill Bra Mike? 

Whenever Sonto is cornered by an enemy, she kills them. We saw Mike being shot last night when he threatened to expose her to the police. We knew their relationship wouldn’t last because Sonto is in too deep. 

Nobody could picture Sonto going shopping and sleeping during the day, not even Sonto. She loves making money and living the good life. 

Mike was unrealistic because he wasn’t even working but day-dreaming about their good life. He was old and frail already and was house hunting with Sonto’s blood-money.

Good riddance to annoying Bra-Mike!

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