Gomora’s Gladys and Melusi Are Horrible Parents

Melusi is the principal of Gomora High who’s an extremely hard-working, family-orientated, and principled man who is adored and loved by his community. His wife; Gladys who is a social worker in Alex and has often taken-in kids from the streets in her home isn’t a great mother to her son. She is a mother to Ntokozo, but she is often so distracted by her work in the community that she doesn’t have enough time left over for her own son.

Their toxicity towards their son; Ntokozo was highlighted recently during Teddy’s rape trial. They don’t even see that they treat Ntokozo differently to Teddy. They’re so loving and gentle with Teddy and so cold and harsh towards their own son; Ntokozo.

Gladys and Melusi

When Teddy was skipping school and having an attitude, they opened their hearts to him, they were kind and asked him to open up and trust them until he was ready.

But whenever Ntokozo has problems or feels neglected, his father; Melusi threatens to beat him up, calls the police on him…they don’t even want to spend time with him or give him attention because other kids are more important.

Social media and fans of the show are up in arms over their complex relationship with their son because a lot of viewers relate with them. 

A lot of kids have upstanding parents like Melusi and Gladys in their communities; who are loving and caring towards kids in the community but are horrible to them.

Ntokozo is a wild child crying out for attention because he’s got deep psychological problems; he’s killed people and his parents were too preoccupied to notice that their son was going off the rails.

By the time they wake up, Ntokozo will probably be hospitalized with depression or worse. His parents don’t want to deal with him because he’s a representation of their loveless marriage!


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