Connie Chiume's daughter joins The QueenConnie Chiume's daughter joins The Queen

Gomora’s Mam’Sonto Real-Life Daughter Joins The Queen

With One Magic’s The River in overdrive enrolling rapper Mnqobi Yazo and Seputla Sebogodi to its cast, The Queen also has a new guest and she’s already arrived.

Actress Nothando Mabuza has a stint on The Queen, where she is part of Vuyiswa’s horrific rap e storyline.

Nothando Mabuza appeared on The Queen last night as Tumelo a rape victim who triggers Vuyiswa

Her casting call was announced by renowned entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on his Twitter

Nothando Mabuza’s stint on #TheQueenMzansi Veteran actress Connie Chiume’s daughter appeared on the telenovela last night as Tumelo — a rape victim who triggers Vuyiswa, Mabuza, who is also a musician, will appear in David Kau’s new project. #KgopoloReports

Yeah, you heard that right, she is none other than the daughter of seasoned actress, Connie Chiume.

Connie Chiume's daughter joins The Queen
Connie Chiume’s daughter joins The Queen

Connie Chiume is currently running the streets of Gomora as Mam’Sonto, a female, Bible thumping crime boss.

It’s no surprise that Nothando Mabuza is following in her mother’s footsteps.

Nothando Mabuza is also a rapper, known by her stage name Dynasty Futurebetty.

Connie Chiume known as Mam’Sonto on Gomora’s daughter joins The Queen

The actress and rapper admitted that despite having a famous mom, she also faces challenges in reality, especially being re, cognised in the music industry.

“I have found it difficult to break into the industry as my mother, Connie Chiume, is a well-known actress, Producers tend to overcharge me because of where I come from.”

Nothando Mabuza indicated that she wants to create her own success and doesn’t use her mom’s name to get by.

When asked how she plans to stay relevant in the industry by Benoni City Times she said

“I don’t want to limit myself to one specific type of style. I will keep people on their toes with my style of rap.”

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