Zahara's sisters sell her belongingsZahara's belongings being sold by family (Image Credit: Instagram @zaharasa)

The late Zahara Mtukutana’s sisters, Bandezwa and Lumka, are back in the spotlight. According to ZiMoja, they are selling Zahara’s belongings, including her cherished memorabilia.

According to Zimoja, her siblings, notorious for their actions, have put Zahara’s belongings up for sale at a nominal price of R1. Items such as her bedroom set, lounge suite, kitchen appliances, flat-screen TV, various music awards, and a double-door refrigerator are all being sold.

Asking Zahara’s Contacts for Money

In another shocking move, Bandezwa, who retained Zahara’s phone after her passing in December, has been asking her late sister’s friends and contacts for financial assistance to cover school fees. Zahara was known to be the family’s breadwinner, supporting them and paying for her siblings’ children’s education. A close source revealed that the sisters’ actions show a blatant disregard for Zahara’s memory.

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Zahara and her sister (Images: BONA/Screenshot)

It was also disclosed that Zahara’s expensive brown leather couches were sold for a mere R10,000 each to an individual named Chauke. The sisters, who must vacate Zahara’s house in Joburg West by today, were contacted by the new owners who have already begun cleaning the property.

Previous Spending Sprees

ZiMoja has learned that Zahara’s music awards are also up for sale, though they have yet to attract any buyers. Despite being advised to open a museum or hold auctions to honour Zahara’s legacy, the sisters chose to sell her belongings directly. A source noted, “Zahara was adored by millions; many would love to see her possessions preserved.” Unfortunately, it seems the sisters are uninterested in maintaining her legacy.

While Zahara was battling for her life, Lumka and Bandezwa were allegedly using her bank card for shopping sprees in downtown Johannesburg. When contacted for comment, Bandezwa curtly responded, “Please leave us alone,” before hanging up.

By Letho