“He Has No Idea What He Is Talking About”:  AKA's Brother Responds To Nota Baloyi's Unfounded Accusations

“He Has No Idea What He Is Talking About”:  AKA’s Brother Responds To Nota Baloyi’s Unfounded Accusations

Steffan Forbes, AKA’s younger brother, has addressed Nota Baloyi’s accusations regarding the murder of his elder brother.

Nota Baloyi, a controversial music executive, has been making headlines on Twitter by claiming that AKA’s road manager Siya Mdluli and Don Design were involved in the rapper’s death.

Steffan’s Instagram post about “snakes” was misinterpreted by Nota Baloyi, who mistakenly assumed that Steffan was referring to AKA’s close friends and associates.

Reacting to Nota Baloyi’s stunning allegations, Steffan Forbes said Nota Baloyi doesn’t know what he is talking about.

“Once and for all. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Never has. This is the first and last time I will be addressing any of the cap.”

Nota Baloyi Implicates K.O’s Brother Siya In AKA’s Murder

Nota Baloyi made headlines when he accused AKA’s road manager, Siya Mdluli, of being involved in the rapper’s murder.

The music executive went on to claim that Siya had set up AKA and played a role in his death.

Nota Baloyi then took to Instagram to question why Siya had not been arrested yet, stating that he believed Siya was a suspect in the murder.

“He claims that Tibz died in his place, how Sway? @mrcashtime’s brother SET(E) AKA up, @sapoliceservice_za why haven’t you arrested this suspect yet?”

After AKA’s bodyguard gave an interview, Nota Baloyi took to Twitter to express his opinion.

He claimed that AKA’s friends had conspired to kill him and made it look like his former in-laws, the Tembes, were responsible for the rapper’s death.

“These guys sat & planned to kill their friend & make it look like the in-laws did it… They had to do it quick because the Anele inquest had just been closed so the public needed that narrative to give the Tembes a motive. Ask yourself which friend is pinning it on the in-laws?


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