Mpox outbreak in South AfricaMpox cases rise to 13 in South Africa-Image Source@X

Health concerns have risen in the country as the number of confirmed Mpox cases in South Africa has increased to 13. The distribution of cases includes seven in KwaZulu-Natal, five in Gauteng, and one in the Western Cape.

The Department of Health announced on Thursday evening that it has secured a supply of Tecovirimat, also known as TPOXX or ST-246. This antiviral medication is specifically designed to treat monkeypox and will be used for patients experiencing severe symptoms.

Call for Public Vigilance

Health Department spokesperson Foster Mohale emphasized the importance of vigilance and early medical evaluation for anyone exhibiting symptoms or having had contact with known monkeypox cases. “The department urges all individuals, regardless of gender, age, or sexual orientation, to seek clinical evaluation if they suspect they have monkeypox or have been in contact with confirmed cases. This disease is both preventable and treatable,” Mohale stated.

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Anyone who has been in contact with a person infected by Mpox is being called to get tested for the disease early. The disease can be transmitted from one person to another through close contact, like touching and being intimate. Even touching an object that has not been disinfected after an infected person uses it can spread the disease.

Management of Mild Cases

For those with mild symptoms, supportive treatments will continue to be administered. These treatments focus on managing complications such as fever, pneumonia, and skin infections, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care. I the individuals who are infected and those they came in contact with are not treated early, this can easily lead to an outbreak.

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The Health Department is urging people to help and stop the spread of the virus before it becomes a National crisis.

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