Here’s Why The River And The Queen Are Always Trending Online

The River’s Opening Song

Here’s Why The River And The Queen Are Always Trending Online

The River And The Queen

Veteran actress; Florence Masebe tweeted: “Acting to trend vs acting to give life to the story,” late last year.

It seems like more and more soapies and telenovela’s are aiming to trend than to tell authentic stories because when they trend they get noticed and get awards.

The less talked about a show is, the less likely it’ll win awards.

However, it’s not always the case as shows like Gomora have proven that they can tell authentic stories, trend and still get awards. Gomora unlike The Queen has a talented cast and tells stories that South Africans can relate with 90% of the time.

While The Queen is always trending, it never wins awards because audiences do not relate with the stories told on the show. The show apparently casts most actors based on the number of followers they have, like Ntando Duma.

Even if some of its actors are talented, their skills are not seen because of the poor storyline.

The River like Gomora tells stories that are relatable and casts actors based on talent, unlike The Queen. The show wins awards because it’s always trending for all the right reasons. The writer’s research thoroughly because they want to educate their audiences besides entertaining them.

Here are some comments from Masebe’s tweet:

 “Unfortunately, it’s starting to seem like ‘acting to trend’ has become more important to everyone… from producers to viewers. Writing, directing and hiring actors to trend.”

“Trends are good! As long as it’s organic.”

“Too much engineered nonsensical trends, for the sake of relevance.”

”Today’s generation acting is to trend…. social media has so much power that someone can lose a job over dislike of media. Back then actors where not celebrities, we valued them.”

Watch Gomora and The Queen on channel 161 and The River on channel 103 for more stories!


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