Batho Mpholo asks how his son ended up in Thabo Bester's cellBatho Mpholo and Katlego Bereng-Image Source(Twitter)

‘How did he end up in Thabo Bester’s cell’ Katlego Bereng’s Father Seeks Answers

The father of Katlego Bereng is seeking answers after his son’s remains were identified in the aftermath of a prison fire that led to Thabo Bester’s escape. The incident occurred at Mangaung Prison and resulted in the death of Bereng, who was burnt beyond recognition in Thabo Bester’s cell.

The police have confirmed that the remains discovered at the scene belong to Bereng. However, his father, Batho Mpholo, believes there are still unanswered questions about how his son ended up in Bester’s cell.

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Katlego Bereng’s father mourns his son and asks for answers

In an interview with News Room Afrika, Batho Mpholo expressed his frustration with the lack of information he has received from the authorities. He is still grieving his son, who was intentionally placed in Bester’s cell as a cover-up after the fire.

Katlego Bereng's father
Batho Mpholo interview-Image Source(Twitter)

In an interview, Batho shared that he only reunited with Katlego in 2018, whom he had not seen since birth. The devastated father shared how Katlego stopped communicating on social media last year.

After he had disappeared for a month, they asked his grandmother, whom Katlego stayed with. It turned out that his grandmother had also not seen him for over a month. The family then launched a report with the police over his disappearance.

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When the police contacted them for DNA samples, and that was when they got the news that his son was burnt in prison. Katlego was not an inmate, according to his father, and he wants to know how he got to Mangaung prison.

Batho Mpholo’s message to Thabo Bester and Dr Nandi

Thabo Bester and fire victim
Thabo Bester and Fire Victim-Image Source(Twitter)

When asked what he has to say to Thabo Bester and Dr Nandi about the issue. Batho noted that the two should seek repentance from God. The man broke down during the interview but wished the people who killed his son get redemption.


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