How Sihle From Isibaya Claimed Two Lives And Crippled Another

Isibaya actress; Zinhle Mabena-Ngwenya, who currently plays the role of Sihle on the soon-to-be-canned novella killed two people in a drunken-driving incident in 2017.

It is believed that the actress drove under the influence of alcohol and got involved in a head-on collision that claimed two lives and crippled another life.

The actress was driving 180KM in an 80KM zone, and overtook five cars before a head-on collision with a red corolla that had three people in it.

The driver of the corolla spent a day in the hospital before he was declared dead and the passenger spent five days before he passed away.

The actress was reportedly seen getting drunk before driving from a party with friends in Vosloorus to her house in Centurion.

The actress was found unconscious in a Porsche and was admitted to Union Private Hospital after her mother and husband were contacted and arrived first on the scene.  It is believed that blood samples were taken and showed that she was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The case was only reported to the police 10 days later and the Porsche was towed away by MF Autobody from Boksburg. The Porsche was insured by the Alexander Forbes Group and Business Insurance who refused to pay for the car because she was driving at 180 KM in an 80 KM zone and was drunk.

The actress’s husband; Robert Ngwenya who was one of the first people on the scene took her to the hospital via an ambulance to get her checked as she was unconscious and get her tested for alcohol which came back positive.

It is believed that the deceased family is seeking legal justice for the death of their son. It is unknown if their late son is related to the driver or the third passenger who is crippled for life.

According to sources, the family who apparently resides in Vosloorus was seeking help from Afriforum to get justice for their late son, it is unclear if they got the help they wanted as this happened in 2017.

A source close to the family revealed:

“The family believes that Afriforum will help them get justice just like how they managed to get Duduzane to face justice on a similar case.” 

The actress and her family apparently did their best to sweep the whole 2017 drunken driving case under the carpet until now as they’ve never released a statement.



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