How The Queen Is Regressing Brenda Ngxoli’s Acting Career

Brenda Ngxoli's Acting Career

How The Queen Is Regressing Brenda Ngxoli’s Acting Career

Brenda Ngxoli's Acting Career

Three SAFTA award-winning actress; Brenda Ngxoli appears to have taken 10 steps back since joining The Queen. The role of Norma was the worst move for her career because she’s not ‘THEE’Brenda Ngxoli that we love.

Her loyalty to The Ferguson’s is admirable but she should’ve said ‘NO’! Sometimes actors need to learn to say ‘No’ to some roles and some shows.

Yes, she was amazing as aus Mavis on Rockville which was also produced by the Fergusons and her chemistry with Connie Ferguson was splendid then, but Noma and Harriet Khoza are just not working out.

Her friendship with Harriet doesn’t work and the two have no connection or chemisty it feels forced and dry as the Kalahari Desert.

Brenda Ngxoli's Acting Career

Her fans who have loved her from Home Affairs, The River, iThemba now want her gone from the show as their vibrant Ngxoli has been watered down as Noma Matshikiza on The Queen.

Fans of the actress were basking in the news of her best supporting actress win at the virtual Safta awards last year and were excited about her triumphant comeback in a TV drama on iThemba the year before.

This is a pity because Ngxoli was excited when she joined the show:

“This is my first telenovela. I’m excited and still pinching myself. The best way to put it is to say that the gods have chosen to favour me. I will put my gratitude into action by giving quality work. I got my first Safta from my role in Rockville where I worked with Ferguson Films, once again I’m back with them. I’ve always acknowledged the big role they have played in my career and how they have treated me.

I’m turning 40 and I just want to live my best life and they have granted me that opportunity. I can’t thank them enough along with the channel Mzansi Magic. I’m also indebted to South African audiences that have never forgotten about me when I was not even on any production, their continued support is appreciated.”

This is what Shona and Connie Ferguson said about Ngxoli joining the show:

“We worked with Brenda in Rockville so naturally we are very excited for her to come on board. She played ausi Mavis drunk friend and we had awesome chemistry. I can’t wait to see what she brings to this new role.

Brenda is an amazing versatile actress, with a work ethic like no other. The Queen fans were never ready for what’s coming.”

Here are comments about her role on The Queen:

“Noma is annoying, why does she have to talk like this.”

“Someone put Noma out of her misery and end her character on #TheQueen, her part is unnecessary and she’s not dong any justice to it.”

“Noma is too childish to be Harriet’s friend honestly.”

Let’s throw Brenda Ngxoli a pity party because this is has been a sad turn of events!


How The Queen Is Regressing Brenda Ngxoli’s Acting Career

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