“I See Mega In Nadia”: Nadia Nakai Delivers Jaw-Dropping Performance, Channels AKA’s Signature Moves

Rapper Nadia Nakai caused a stir on social media when she paid tribute to her late boyfriend AKA by replicating his renowned signature dance moves during a live performance at one of her concerts over the weekend.

In the footage, Nadia Nakai can be seen wearing erabydjzinhle earrings while taking to the dance floor to perform her hit track “Naa Meaan” with AKA’s iconic dance moves.

The audience can be heard erupting with excitement and support as she pays homage to her late boyfriend.

AKA’s father, Tony Forbes, was also seen in the audience, showing his support for Nadia Nakai. She even gave him a shout-out during her performance.

The video quickly became a viral sensation on social media, winning the hearts of many South Africans.

Watch the video below.

Netizens praised Nadia Nakai for honoring AKA’s legacy and keeping his memory alive. They also applauded the Forbes family for their unwavering support and love, even after the rapper’s passing.

Check out some of the reactions;


For me, it’s this performance including doing Kiernans signature moves and having the Forbes family support and be there as Nadia Nakai performs oh and promotes the Dj Zinhle brand.

@Real_Precious. M;

I see Mega in Nadia❤️🥺💜🕊️🕊️ Supa Mega is smiling up there in Heaven.


I will always love and support this woman entirely. What she did for my 🐐 is entirely measurable


yall sure Nadia wasn’t secretively married to Aka because wow his family is genuinely supportive maan☺️


AKA’s family is so supportive bethuna. Nadia was hosting for the first time ever since his passing and AKA’s dad went to the club with her so he can be there for her 😭.

By jdt