Ifalakhe’s Ntokozo Ngcobo Reveals She Was Almost Bedded To Bag A TV Role

The entertainment industry can be a dark place for female artists sometimes, especially where sexual harassment is involved.

Ifalakhe actress Ntokozo Ngcobo, who played the role of Queen Ibanathi is one of the people who have spoken out about sexual exploitation of women in the industry.

Ifalakhe’s Ntokozo Ngcobo

Ntonkozo Ngcono, who will be joining the cast of Durban Gen, revealed that she was excepted to perform se_xual acts on a TV executive in exchange of landing a TV role.

Ntokozo said that she went for months without work because she turned down a TV gig where the producer of the show attempted to ra_pe her.

She encouraged women to walk away from situations in which they find themselves victims of sexual exploitation and to rely on their talent rather than their beauty.

“Beauty is one thing, gorgeous legs and your private areas will not get you anywhere,” she said

Ifalakhe’s Ntokozo Ngcobo Reveals She Was Almost Bedded To Bag A TV Role

Ntokozo Ngcobo from Ifalakhe
Ntokozo Ngcobo from Ifalakhe

Ntokozo Ngcobo said an older TV producer wanted to sleep with her so he could give her a role on his show.

She went on to accuse the producer of se_xual assault after he touched her inappropriately on her thighs and brea_sts.

When she asked him what he was doing, he told her he was doing her a favor.

After she turned him down she lost the role and had to go for a while without a job.

She finally landed a job on Durban Gen.

This follows after Moja Love was accused of allegedly exploiting aspiring female entertainers.

A Twitter user called Aviwe Brandon accused Moja Love employees of sexually harassing a friend of his, who had gone to audition for a presenting gig saying

“I’m so mad at MojaLoveTv @Umphakathi_Moja. My friend auditioned for the presenter search and got shortlisted by this man. If this is the way @MojaLoveTv of ‘opening up the industry’, it’s totally wrong,”

The Moja Love man is alleged to have asked the shortlisted candidate if she was willing to take some risks.

“Risk as in like – there was a job opportunity and you had two options: It’s either you have to bribe or sleep with the boss for it. Which one would you go for. That’s how the industry works but as long as it’s our secret.”

By Letho