AKA marries Nellie TembeAKA marries Nellie Tembe

In Pics: AKA Pays Lobola For Nellie Tembe

AKA Pays Lobola For His Bae Nellie Tembe A Few Weeks After Engaging

AKA is definitely not playing when it comes to his relationship with Nellie Tembe.

After popping the question to his lady love a couple of weeks ago, AKA took it a step further by going to lobola her (paying dowry).

AKA Pays Lobola

The rapper and his family recently went to Nelli Tembe’s family in order to pay Lobola.

AKA pays lobola for Nelli
AKA pays lobola for Nelli

The rapper, who has a bit of a bad rep, when it comes to the ladies, at some point took to Instagram, to discuss the Lobola rites, asking about the bride price, the cow and all that is involved.

Turns out he was serious about keeping Nellie in his life.

AKA Pays Lobola For Nellie Tembe

Nelli Tembe marries AKA
Nelli Tembe marries AKA

He confirmed that he did the deed and made Nellie his wife in the traditional sense, by posting up pictures of his friends and family and tagged it with a green heart and cow emojis.

Nelli is equally smitten by AKA, and when he popped the question in February, she took to Instagram to share the exciting news saying

“21/02/21 — on this day I said YES to the love of my life and best friend,” Nelli wrote with a ring and a heart emoji.Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be your life partner, even through the highs and lows, you have always stood by me and I thank you Kiernan Jarryd Forbes for loving me wholeheartedly and never giving up on us. Cheers to the beginning of forever. 4L boo,”

Fans were doubtful at first that AKA, who has 2 failed high profile relationships with DJ Zinhle and Bonang, would settle down and get serious, but it seems she was just waiting for the right girl!

Congratulations to the couple!

By Letho