Isibaya Wrecks Views On Last Day Of Shooting

Isibaya Last Day Of Shooting

Isibaya Wrecks Views On Last Day Of Shooting

There’s no reconsideration or changing of mind from DSTV’s top management on canning Isibaya even after data now shows that the telenovela has finally got a top spot on DSTV’s most-watched shows list last month.

Latest January ratings show that Isibaya ranked number 5 on the top 10 most-watched shows on DSTV with over 2 million viewers as of January 2021.

This, after the show has been battling to get to the top 10 for months, resulting in it getting exed from Mzansi Magic channel and being replaced with upcoming, Diepsloot telenovela.

A few months ago, the publication learned that Isibaya wasn’t doing well in terms of viewership for the past months. Its ratings had been gradually decreasing in years now and Mzansi Magic finally made its decision to pull the plug on the show.

New developments, however, show that Isibaya bagged a number 3 spot on the most-watched shows on DSTV catch-up.

It is indeed good news that call for celebrations.

But the celebration is short-lived; especially for show producers and the cast.

Today, Tuesday 2nd of February marks their last day of shooting for the remaining episodes of the show.

The show will be airing its last episodes on the DSTV channel in the next weeks as it paves way for the upcoming series, Diepsloot which is currently under production.

From today onwards, most members of Isibaya cast are jobless.

Save for a few that have already moved on and found other roles in upcoming shows such as The Estate.

Those who have booked roles on the upcoming SABC 3, Clive Morris production show include Clementine Mosimane, Aubrey Poo, and Linda Sebezo.

Isibaya Wrecks Views On Last Day Of Shooting


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