Isidingo Morongwa To Join Generations

Morongwa To Join Generations

Isidingo Morongwa To Join Generations

There’s a new sheriff in town, literally!

Actress, Soso Rungqu  is set to join Generations.

The former Isidingo star will have a role on Generations as a police detective.

This was revealed by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on Twitter, wrote Phil

CASTING NEWS: Soso Rungqu joins Generations

The former Isidingo star will be playing Zanele Nyathi — a detective, on the SABC1 soapie..

Morongwa To Join Generations

Isidingo Morongwa Actress Soso Rungqu To Join Generations

Soso Rungqu is well known for her her role on Isidingo where she played the role of  Morongwa Kau.

She played the role until 2018, then she had to quit the soapie, so she could look after her sick father.

At the time, Soso Rungqu gave a detailed explanation of what was going on with her father, who unfortunately passed away.

“I had to give up the hustle and live (at) home for three years. My father would sometimes spend weeks and months in the hospital. Then he would be better and laugh‚ then the next thing he had dementia or couldn’t walk. If it wasn’t diabetes‚ epilepsy‚ kidney failure‚ hypertension or blood clots in the brain‚ it was something else. One day his body couldn’t take it anymore and it shut down”

The former Isidingo actress has no regrets about giving up her career to take care of her father.

“There is nothing I regret‚ about anything that has happened in my past… I would do it all over again… That is what I needed. So‚ now when people try to mess you around‚ you are like: ‘Oh‚ is that the best you can do? I have been dealing with things like this for a very long time.’”

Morongwa To Join Generations
Morongwa To Join Generations

The fans are pretty excited to see her onscreen once again and the talented actress will no doubt make the role hers.


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