Isidingo’s Skhumbuzo Raped Vuyiswa On The Queen

Isidingo’s Skhumbuzo Raped Vuyiswa

Isidingo’s Skhumbuzo Raped Vuyiswa On The Queen

Vuyiswa’s rape scene was just heartbreaking and felt too real. I felt paralyzed and helpless later and even went to check if my doors were locked. My night was completely ruined because I didn’t expect it after enjoying Noma and Brutus’s hilariously declaring love for each other.

The man that raped her is the new police officer played by Sisa Hewana at the Thembisa police station, where Vuyiswa, is a detective.

Who is Sisa Hewana?

Sisa Hewana played the role of Skhumbuzo ‘Ace’ Nzimande on SABC 3’s Isidingo. He was a bad boy who charmed many ladies with his charisma on the show. He got the role of Isidingo after he won the 2010 Isidingo talent search competition He’s also a father of two, dreams of being a director, and is rumored to be dating former YOTV presenter; Ivana Morailane. He also appeared as a guest presenter on SABC2’s Lotto show ‘Phanda Phusha Play’ and he’s an older brother to mega musician Vusi Nova.

They might have hidden the guy’s face but the voice and the accent matches the rapist description. He knew that Georgina and Vuyiswa were going out fora girl’s night out and where they were going. He knew that Vuyiswa is unarmed ordered her drink to be spiked, left the bar early so he can follow her home, and raped her.

Sisa Hewana would neverjoin a novella like The Queen to be an extra because he’s been in the industry for over a decade now and too big to play in the background. For everyone that thought that it’s Jackal, it’s not…it can’t be! He might be involved somehow but he’s not the rapist.

Georgina is not involved, it’s uncharacteristic of her and she’d never stoop that low. She’s a terrible friend; how do you let your drunken girlfriend go home alone? I hope a lot of ladies took note and will take better care of each other when they go out. What happened to Vuyiswa will haunt Georgina forever.

According to the teasers, Vuyiswa is going to spiral out of control because of this but will eventually uncover the truth with the help of her ‘so-called-friend’ Georgina. The worst part is that he didn’t even use protection, but hopefully, Vuyiswa will be smart enough to get a rape kit during the weekend or we’ll see her getting it during the week.