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In a recent revelation, Ntando Duma joyfully shares insights into her blissful love life, emphasizing the significance of effective communication in her relationship.

This revelation follows the resurfacing of an intriguing interview with Bontle Moloi, formerly Modiselle, and her husband, rapper Priddy Ugly, discussing how they handle disagreements on the Podcast and Chill show.

A Conflict-Free Relationship

Bontle Moloi highlighted the harmonious nature of her relationship, stating, “We don’t fight. We disagree, but we don’t fight. He’s never raised his voice, I’ve never raised my voice. We’ve never walked out on each other. No one has slammed the door. We’ve never had a dramatic moment. We really never have.”

Ntando Duma resonated with this sentiment, expressing gratitude for the peaceful dynamics in her own relationship. Taking to her timeline, she shared her thoughts, emphasizing the understanding that conflicts don’t always manifest through violence or aggression.

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Ntando Duma boyfriend
Ntando Duma-Image Source@X

“This is real. Understanding that fights don’t always have to be defined by violence or aggression is important. I’m literally in the most peaceful relationship with a partner who communicates everything with so much respect, kindness, love, and grace, and vice versa. It’s a blessing. So grateful,”

Revealing her relationship with fans

When one of her followers sarcastically reposted her post saying it was her way of saying she is in a relationship, Ntando Duma shared that she has been seeing her new man ‘forever’. This means that they have been dating for a long time. She goes on to say that her relationship is no one’s business.

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Ntando Duma’s Mysterious Partner

While Ntando has chosen to keep the identity of her partner private, eyebrows were raised when she subtly modified her social media handles. Transitioning from “Ntando Duma” to “Ntando Duma-Mthombeni,” the addition of another surname sparked curiosity among her followers.

This shift in social media nomenclature has ignited speculation about the nature of Ntando’s relationship and has left fans eagerly awaiting more details about the mysterious partner.

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