Jackie Phamotse Warns About ‘Sacrifices’ Following Ginimbi’s Death

Jackie Phamotse’s Porn Confessions
Jackie Phamotse

Jackie Phamotse Warns About ‘Sacrifices’ Following Ginimbi’s Death

Blessee-turned-businesswoman has torched a storm on social media after suggesting that the deaths of Ginimbi and 3 associates in a horrific traffic accident is a result of sacrifices and wealth rituals gone wrong.

According to Jackie Phamotse, the author of Bare: The Blesser Game, Ginimbi traded his soul for money and was given only a limited period of time to enjoy his wealth. She also claimed that when one makes such pacts with the “Kingdom of Darkness” they are given visions of their deaths well ahead of time.

Writing on social media platforms, the controversial author said,

When you trade your soul for money, you are given a time period to enjoy the newfound wealth. However, they take away your family and pure happiness. Your death will be horrific. You are also given a vision of your death. Wealth rituals are common and require blood…

When all is said and done, those of the powers that be, the ones who had given the powers, saw that’ they failed to give them the ultimate sacrifice and because they had already sold their souls. Once you fail in any task in the Kingdom of darkness, you become the sacrifice.


Jackie Phamotse Warns About 'Sacrifices'
Jackie Phamotse Warns About ‘Sacrifices’ Following Ginimbi’s Death

Just to make clear, the fact that she was referring to Ginimbi, she emphasized that people who sell their souls know when the end is near. She then added that Ginimbi had purchased his coffin four weeks earlier while video vixen and fitness trainer Michelle ‘Mimi Moana’ Amuli had visions about her death months before.

Jackie added,


…it is said that Ginimbi bought his coffin Coffin 4 weeks before this tragic death…. and Moana spoke of her death months ago in a video she posted on her IG!

Jackie claims to have gone through similar experiences when she was still living the life of a slay queen.

Ginimbi is set to be buried at his Domboshava mansion on Saturday. His family indicated that he had made his intentions clear about how he would want to be buried. His burial will be accompanied by an all-white party to celebrate his departure.

The businessman’s multi-million mansion will also be turned into a hotel as per his wishes before death.

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